Handmade Wooden London Skyline Clock

Handmade Wooden London Skyline Clock

I’ve always loved skylines. They just distill a city down to its most recognizable features so nicely. For Paris you’ve got the Eiffel Tower; for NYC you’ve got Lady Liberty; for San Francisco you’ve got the Golden Gate Bridge; and for London you’ve got Big Ben.

Speaking of London, don’t you just love the details on these beautiful, handmade wooden skyline clocks? In addition to Big Ben, there is the Tower Bridge (of course!) and Trafalgar Square, and cutout letters with the name of the city.

The clock is silent (no annoying ticking messing with your workflow!) and is available in either 7″ or 10″ diameters and in cherry bamboo or walnut wood. I personally love the walnut finish, myself!

This clock requires one AA battery (not included) and can be hung on a nail or with a mounting pad. There is a small amount of assembly required, as the clock hands are too delicate to ship attached to the base.

You can set this clock to your local time and get some London skyline inspiration. OR – and this is a fun idea – you can create a gallery wall of skyline clocks from different cities and set them to those cities’ local time. Isn’t that a cool idea?

Many other skyline clocks are available. Here are some of the cities available currently:

Buy this skyline clock if:

  • You have a love affair with a certain city – your own, or one around the globe – and want to display it proudly on your wall.
  • Your roommate left their heart on study abroad.
  • You love the idea of a gallery wall of local skyline clocks.

Handmade Wooden London Skyline Clock

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