Polaroid Cube+ 1″ Live Streaming Camera

Polaroid Cube+ Live Streaming 1440p Action Camera

How cute is this camera?! This tiny camera is a 1″ cube. But don’t mistake its small size for a lack of power. This camera can shoot 1440p footage with ease, and even live stream it, so your followers never miss the exciting things going on in your life.

The base contains a powerful magnet that sticks to metal helmets, skateboards, bike handlebars, your car, or any other metal surface. There’s no need to fuss with mounts, bands, or straps – the magnet just works. In addition, the camera is weatherproof and shockproof.

The camera is able to shoot for 107 minutes straight at 1080p. Recording times at 1440p or over live stream may vary.

A variety of mounting options are available for the Cube+, including this cute monkey-shaped mount that makes the Cube+ look like it is its head!

Polaroid Cube+ Live Streaming 1440p Action Camera

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